June 21, 2024


At Brian Coale, we are dedicated to the innovation and excellence of instrument design and creation. As a company focused on instrument design, we combine artistry and science, pursuing a path of breaking traditional boundaries.

Our team consists of professionals who are passionate about music and instruments, with extensive experience and technical knowledge. We believe that every instrument should be a unique and exquisite work of art that inspires musicians and audiences alike.

Our design philosophy is centered around breaking conventions and exploring novel shapes, materials, and techniques. We constantly strive for sonic perfection, paying attention to detail and demonstrating exquisite craftsmanship. Through collaboration with musicians and performers, we continuously improve and optimize our designs to ensure that each instrument delivers an exceptional playing experience.

Whether it’s improving traditional instruments or creating entirely new ones, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of instrument design. We embrace innovation and challenge existing concepts and limitations to create instruments that are truly one-of-a-kind, offering musicians more possibilities for expression and creation.

At Brian Coale, we blend passion, creativity, and technology to deliver stunning instruments to the world of music. Our mission is to enhance the musical experience for musicians through innovative instrument design.

Join us on our journey as we explore the boundless possibilities of instrument design!